Biblical Numerology

The biblical numerology number nine describes the summary or the conclusions of the work that has been done and it is also referred to the ending of all the things. The number nine is also associated with the judgment of the work that has been done by the men and it is also used for the evaluation of all kinds of things that has been carried out. There are certain other meanings for the biblical numerology number nine that states that it indicates the most efficient moments that God has taken and these moments were perfect in all scenes. Contrary to that number nine is also liked with the queen of witches as it is the multiple of the number three and number is considered as the most unlike numbers in the numerology and nine is the result of the multiple of it therefore it is said that it has the most drastic affects. The number nine has been perceived in different ways in the different religions, referring to the Chinese mythology the number nine is referred to the magical square that is called the lo shi. This is called the magical square because of the reason that it consists of all the single digit numbers. There are several gods as well that are associated with the number nine among which the most prominent are the Roman Goddess of the moon, abundance, father creator and many more. The color that is used in the symbolization of the biblical numerology number nine are pearl and the other one is the white color. Biblical numerology number nine is also represented by the gemstones and these include pearl, platinum, diamond and silver. There are certain flowers as well that are liked with the number nine and these are lily, carnations and the rose specifically the white one.